Sunday, January 20, 2013

Blogs for Educational Leaders

Starting this blog today I have discovered a whole new world out there! Educators with blogs! There are many ways to use a blog as an educational leader. The blogs can be learning tools and help guide teachers that are embarrassed to ask questions or that might need a new way to teach a concept. Teachers have blogs that show what is going on in class, recapping what they have learned for the week, showing links and tips to help their students soar through their class! One very helpful type blog is specifically designed to help fellow educators with a certain subject that they teach! This is perfect for first year teachers trying to survive! One of my favorite types of blogs geared towards parents where the principal creates the blogs explaining what new procedures, news, events and such are coming up. The way educators might use blogs are endless. As I discover more blogs I will post them for you to see.

Here are a few examples of educators using blogs in a great way:

Please share any blogs you find helpful!


  1. WOW Jacquelyn.......It looks like you have hit the ground running and really bought into this blog business!!!! I really like what you have done with this.....great job!

  2. I especially like the idea of having blogs for new teachers. The district central office should have a blog for the new teachers to the district. It could include all the little things the veteran teachers know and take for policy for calling in absences or how to change your address...little things that are really important. We have several new teachers on my campus this year and a blog could really help them out. Also, great idea to post the addresses of blogs you like.

  3. I agree with Charlene - love your idea to use a blog for new teachers & think it would be great to have all the important information that someone new to the district would need to know. This would especially come in handy in large districts like mine where that information can sometimes seem buried on the district website.

  4. wow! great work jacquelyn on your blog. I am trying to get use to this blog thing so any help would be great ( I am too a music educator and have noticed that our research plans are similar in nature. I like the layout and content of your page, hopefully I'll figure this out very quickly and will get mines up and running lol. great page...