Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reviewing Plan with Supervisors

The conference with my sight supervisor was between e-mails and briefly during the week. She e-mailed me asking if everything was approved and ready to go through the Principal of the school. I met with the Principal and we worked through a few kinks in the action plan and then I revised it and talked with my sight supervisor. I also talked with the third and fourth grade teams about the students that I wanted in the program. The teachers agreed and were very positive with their feedback. After talking with both groups I shared more information with my supervisors and she wanted to make sure that I knew the students would probably take a few weeks to start meeting the requirements in the program. I would have to change keeping a green four out five days to not going past red for the week. Also, students might not be attending as regular as I would like due to parents bringing their student late frequently. This information did not discourage me. Instead it motivated me to really reach out and start talking to these students about what to expect and getting them excited for the program which will start in two weeks.

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